Orajel $4.00 Rebate

My tooth was aching liked hell! I never experienced this before.  I guessed, what triggered the ache to developed was my sinus infection. I called my husband yesterday to go to Target to buy me some Orajel for tootache. We had one but, it was for mouth sore. He called me after he purchased the Orajel, asking if I want him to come home to give me the Orajel. It was lunch time. And without hesitation, I demanded that he should come home as I badly needed the Orajel.

I was glad that he chose the Orajel for severe toothache. I was very anxious of putting it on my tooth. To my dismay, it was not that effective. It works but was not as strong as I expected. I saw “SAVE $4.00″ outside the box. I opened it and saw inside there was a form that need to be fill up with personal information and to provide the receipt and PCU of the package as a proof of purchase, in order to qualify for the $4.00 rebate. It was $6 something. And yes, I am going to send the form to get my $4.00 rebate.

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